About Us

IDDP stands for “Instituto de desenvolvimento didactico & psicologia” (Institute for didactic development and psychology). It was founded in 2006 and is located in Lisbon, Portugal.
We work on the merging of Pedagogy, and Neuroscience and intervention in clinical psychology. The wide field of our activity ranges from ADHD to the stimulation and development of the superior cognitive ability, from Dyslexia to speech therapy, from anxiety to depression, and many more humor and personality disorders.
Our mission is to develop and work with high quality products that are reliable and meet the needs of experts as well as the needs of our patients.


General Manager: Nuno Sargento
Administration: Mariana Tomé
Sales: Ricardo Pais
Formation / Supervision / Development: Luísa Gil, João Gavela
Coordinators of the project “School Clinic”: Sofia Martins, Mafalda Magalhães, Barbara Monteiro, Inês Ribolhos
Psychologists and Speech Therapists: Ana Oliveira, Cristina Arriagas, Marilyn Rodrigues, Sílvia Rodrigues
Communication: Petra Breitfuss